PBN Podcast

I am pleased to announce I have signed a 4 month deal with PBN, a top global podcaster, to co-host a podcast show with actress and model Jill Nicolini.

It wil be based on "Why Not Me' a song and video i recorded suppoprting Autism awareness, acceptance, and understanding.

The show will be live and bring updates on my career, song, and video.

After the first episode it will be a live call in show on Wednesdays at 2:30 starting Feb 15, 2023.

It will also be shown on the Manhatten Neighborhood Network and the Optimum Network in New York City.

PBN is based in New York City and will promote the show with Billboard adds in Times Square and in Nashville.

It can be heard on Tunein, stitcher, deezer, spotify, amazon, apple, pandora, google podcasts, podbay, castbox, and iheartradio.

it will be replayed 140 times over the year for those that may miss the live show.

Please share this with all your friends and family.

Thanks for your support.