Tony Mantor: Music production, artist development, artist management, and professional recording.

Tony works with songwriters for pitch quality demo studio recordings if needed. He has had many of his recordings released as singles and charted at radio for career development of the artist. He has worked with artists that have had chart success at radio with major labels and Grammy nominated artists as well.

Music Success

Tony’s initial successes in releasing singles to radio led him to record in Nashville, TN. There, while working in the studio, he met recording artist Ronnie McDowell and his manager. Tony went on to tour with McDowell as his keyboard player and background singer. After the tour was finished, Tony returned to recording and working on his solo career. As a singer/songwriter, Tony had several releases, ultimately reaching # 59 in the Cashbox charts. With records doing well at radio, Tony negotiated a production agreement with Nashville producers Bob Milsap (Publisher/Producer of Grammy winner Ann Murray’s hit song “You Needed Me”) and Gary S Paxton (Artist/ The Hollywood Argyles gold classic “Alley Oop”… Producer/Publisher “The Monster Mash”). In doing this production agreement, Tony not only had the benefit of Bob and Gary producing him…he was able to gain tremendous insight into the music business and true hit record production. He also was able to further his relationships and industry contacts within the Nashville music community. After years of hit record production and music industry success, Bob Milsap was approaching retirement. Citing the knowledge and contacts Tony had accumulated, Bob ultimately convinced him to leave the road and move to Nashville to start his own production company.

Nashville Record Producer

Many of his artists have not only enjoyed chart success at radio but have been nominated for Grammy awards. He has been on the ballot for producer of the year several times. Recently, Tony negotiated an agreement between the Jackie Wilson family and Hologram U.S.A. in L.A. to produce the Jackie Wilson Hologram Show. The show is slated to tour domestically and internationally starting in 2017.