"Why Not Me" Nashville video has been released with great success.

Over 40,000 views in 2 weeks.

Interviewed on the Rosie and Bill show.

U.K. promotion has been well received with several interiews scheduled for October and November.



Tony Mantor has won his 7th award since 2019 from the U.K.

CEO Today Magazine managment Consulting award for 2023

Tony Mantor has been slected to mentor a student at Belmont in nashville that wants to make his carreer in music for GrammyU 

Debby Campbell releases  her latest song "Sunflower" to radio in the U.K.

Donny Most to release new single in March

Donny Most single released to Jazz radio with great response.

 All preorders of "Why Not Me" have shipped

CD ready for preorders March 20,2022

Donny Most of "Happy Days" in the studio to finish his CD in March.

Debby Campbell, daughter of Glen Campbell recording new song for release to radio in the U.K.

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