Donations for Autism awareness and acceptance

50 % of your donation will go to charities around the country.

50% will pay taxes, transaction fees, making more videos to raise Autism awareness and acceptance, and any other promotions to further promote this cause.

CD entitled "Why Not Me" released.

We will be working with charities to bring Autism awareness and acceptance around the country and the world.

We want to help those who may need assistance living with Autism on a daily basis.

Your purchase will help me give support to these charities.

A large portion of the net profits from each CD will be donated to charities supporting the Autistic world.



Why Not Me

Tony Mantor

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A collection of music from the 60's, 70's and 80's plus new music from songwriter friends of mine here in Nashville, TN. A large portion of the net profits will go to charities that support Autism.

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Why Not Me

Why Not Me

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A large part of the net profits per CD sold will benefit charities that work with people that deal with Autism on a daily basis.


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